CEO greeting

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Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting our website.
To keep up with the global demand for sustainable development, we have focused on how to recycle various types of polyester wastes and further to produce the fiber from the recycled waste.

Now, our endeavor is gaining growing attention from customers whp look into the solutuin to drive their business in the environmentally friendly manner.

We welcome your visit to our website and are cery happy to introduce our achivement as a manufacturer of 'Chip recycling line', 'Recycled Polyster staple fiber production line' and 'PET bottle recycling line to PET flake'.

Based on our specialized technologies and global sales network, we seek to contribute to the supply and expansion of envirionmentally friendly products and production line, and thus contribute not only to the growth of the company, but to the sustainable development of humanity.

Thank you.

Byung ho An